1962 OGILVIE, Robert Victor (British Caribbean and Jesus), b 1 Apr 1938, Grenada, s of HED Obilvie. Educ St. Andrew's Anglican SS 1948-52; Grenada Boys SS 1952-7; Univ Coll W Indies 1958-62; Jesus 1962-4; MB BS London 1964; Authentics. House Officer Surg, Univ W Indies 1965-7; Univ Toronto Training Course, specializing in Otolaryngology 1967. Chief Rsdt Otolaryngology, Hosp Sick Children, Toronto 1967. Surg, Toronto 1972. FRCSC m Hazel E. Spence: 1s 2d. Address not known.
1965 NIAMATALI, Habiboola Ameerally (British Caribbean and St. John's), b 16 June, Berbice, British Guyana, s of 1 Niamatali. Educ Queen's Coll, British Guyana 1952-60; Univ W Indies 1961-4; St. John's 1965-6, MB BS (London) 1966. Univ W Indies Hosp 1966-9. Regr Med, St. Thomas's Hosp, London 1970-1. Snr Regr Internal Med, Univ W Indies Hosp 1971-2. Cnslt Internal Med, Spanish Town Hosp, Jamaica 1972-3, New Amsterdam Hosp, Guyana 1973-8 m 1971 Shirley Lakhpati Ramihalawan. Address not known.
1968 JACOBS, William Richard Henson (British Caribbean and St. Peter's), b 10 Jan 1954, Trinidad, s of WGH Jacobs, Anglican clergyman. Educ Collegiate Sch, NY 1958-63; Univ W Indies 1964-8, BSc 1968; St. Peter's 1968-71, res in Zambia, res for Blitt (Pol). Univ W Indies: Lect Govt 1974. Ambass of Grenada to cuba 1982, to USSR 1982-4. Cnslt, UN Inst Namibia, Zambia. Dir, Stat Planning and Dev Unit, Univ Namibia 1993. m 1969 June Powell: 1d. Strategic Planning and Development Unit, University of Namibia, Private Bag 13301, Windhoek, Namibia.
1971 FRANKSON, Geoffrey Boyce (British Caribbean and Keble), b 1 Oct 1946, Belize, s of A Frankson, dir Peace Corps. Educ Jamaica Coll, Jamaica 1959-64; St. John's Coll, Belize 1964-5; Univ W Indies 1965-70, MB BS 1971; Keble 1971-3, 1974-5, Human Scns 2nd cl 1973, res for MSc, MA 1983, Pres, Caribbean Club. House Officer, Queen Elizabeth Hosp, Barbados 1973-4. MO, Servol Ltd, Trinidad 1976. Fen Pract, Trinidad 1976-8. MO, Caroni Ltd, Trinidad 1978-89. Family Pract, Port of Spain 1990-3; Co-Mng Dir, Families in Action 1990-2. Mng Dir, Better Health Ltd from 1993. Publn: DR Coldson (pseud), Medical Opinion, 1981; Sex for Seven Year Olds, 1985; Sex and Morality for Boys and Girls at Puberty, 1986; newspaper articles. m 1974 Gwyneth Thomas: 1s. 42 de verteuil Street, Woodbrook, Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies.
1974 HAYNES, Charles Edward Perceival (British Caribbean and Keble), b 17 Feb 1953, St. Vincent, ward of JA Smith, dental surg. Educ Boys Foundn Sch 1963-9; Harrison Coll 1969-71; Univ W Indies 1971-4, LLB 1974; Keble 1974-7, Jurispr 2nd cl 1977, MA; Water polo for Univ. Called to Bar (England and Wales) 1977. Univ Malawi: Asst Lect Law 1977-80. Univ Papua New Guinea: Lect Law 1980-4, Chmn Dept and Dean Fac Law 1984. Univ Tasmania: Snr Lect Law. Res Scholar, ANU 1985, m 1979 Wilhemina Hendrika van Driel: 2s 2d. Voss House, Main Road, Collinsvale, Tasmania 7012, Australia.
1977 GIBSON, Marston Creigton da Costa (British Caribbean and Keble), b 3 Mar 1954, Barbados, s of CC Gibson, civil serv. Educ Boys Foundn Sch, Christ Church, Barbados 1964-70; Harrison's Coll, Barbados 1970-2; Univ W Indies 1972-7, LLB 1975; Keble 1977-9, BCL 2nd cl 1979; Wooding Law Sch 1979-81. Adm Bar Barbados 1981, Antigua and Barbuda 1986, NY 1989, Trinidad and Tobago 1989. Univ W Indies: Lect Law 1981-7. Attny, Snr Citizen Unit, Nassau-Suffolk Law Servs Cttee Inc, NY 1988-9. Supreme Ct NY, Appellate Div, 2nd Judicial Dept: Attny 1989; Sr Attny 1990. Ct Attny-Referee, NY County Surrogate's Ct 1992. m 1979 Avis Pamela Alleyne (div): 1ss1d. 435 Front Street, Hempstead, New York 11550, USA.
1980 SKERRITT, Richard Oliver (British Caribbean and Keble), b 7 June 1956, St. Kitts. Educ Basseterre HS 1966-74; Coll Virgin Islands 1976-80, Ba: Keble 1980-1, MSc (Forestry) 1981; Volleyball v Camb; Authentics. Mgmt Cnslt 1982. Exec Dir, St. Kitts Chamber Ind and Comm 1983-90. Mng Dir, Delisle Walwyn 7 Co, St Kitts from 1990. m 1982 Dawn Beverly Gormandy. Delisle Walwyn & Co, PO Box 44, Basseterre, St Kitts, West Indies.
1982 CHAN, Michael Peter (British Caribbean and Lincoln), b 1 Nov 1958, Georgetown, Guyana. Educ Queen's Coll, Guyana 1969-76; Univ W Indies 1976-81, MB BS 1981, Intern 1981-2; Lincoln 1982-4, Clin Res in Psych. Med Rsdt, Clarke Inst Psych, Toronto, Ont 1984-8. Psych, St Thomas Psych Hosp and Lect Psych, Univ W Ont 1988-91. Psych, Kingston Psych Hosp, Ont and Adjunct Asst Prof Psych, Queen's Univ Kingston from 1992. MRCPsych 1988; FRCPC 1988. m 1983 Yolande Brown (Jamaica and Hertford 1982): 2s. 139 College Street, Kingston, Ontario K7L 4L7, Canada.

1984 QUINLAN, Ian James Quincy (British Caribbean and Hertford), b 11 Dec 1961, Nevis. Educ The Academy 1970-6; Basseterre HS 1976-9; Coll Virgin Islands 1981-4, BA; Hertford 1984-6, read for Mphil (mgmt). Lawyer 1990. 837 Granville Drive, Houston, Texas 77091, USA.
1985 MYERS, David Addison (British Caribbean and Brasenose), b 23 Dec 1960, Port of Spain, Trinidad. Educ St. Mary's Coll, Port of Spain 1972-80; Univ W Indies 1980-3, LLB 1983; Manley Law Sch, Jamaica 1983-5, Cert Legal educ 1985; Brasenose 1985-7, Jurispr 2:2 cl 1987. Called to Bar, Trinidad 1985; Adm Solicitor, England and Wales 1991. Pract Law, Trinidad 1987-8. Claims Exec, T Miller & Son, London 1988-9. Solicitor, Richards Butler, London 1989-94. Partner, Jackson Parton, London from 1994. m 1987 Nalini Sharon Sinanan: 2s. 10 Sudbrooke Road, London SW12 8TG, UK
1986 ALLEYNE, Mark Dacosta (Commonwealth Caribbean and St. Antony's), b 14 Dec 1961, St. Andrew, Barbados, Educ Alleyne Sch, Barbados 1973-8: Howard Univ 1981-4, BA; St Antony's 1986-9, MPhil (Int Relns) 1988, Dphil 1991. Hampshire Comm Amherst, Mass: Asst Prof 1989. Amer Univ, Washington DC: Asst Prof Int Serv 1991. Distd Alumnus Awd, Howard Univ, Washington DC 1991. Publn: Articles. Address not known
1987 COX (Cox-Maksimov), Desiree Cheryl Thelma (Commonwealth Caribbean and Pembroke), b 20 Mar 1964, Nassau, Bahamas, d of J and Ena-Mae Cox. Educ Queen's Coll, Nassau 1975-2; McGill Univ 1982-6, BSc; Pembroke 1987-9, Cwlth Scholar 1988-9, contd 1989-92, Rdcliffe Infmy Gen Med Prize 1992, MB ChB 1992; Athl Half-blue; Kodaly Choir; Wolfson Coll, Camb from 1992, Wellcome Fellow from 1993, MPhil (Hist Med) 1993. Publn: Article. m 1990 Boris Maksimov (Quebec and St. John's 1985). Wolfson College, Cambridge CB3 9BB, UK.
1988 DRAYTON, Richard Harry (Commonwealth Caribbean and Balliol), b 25 June 1964, Georgetown, Guyana. Educ Harrision Coll, Barbados 1974-82; Harvard Univ 1982-6, AB 1986; Yale Univ 1986-8, MA 1987; Balliol 1988-91, res for DPhil (Mod Hist); Pres, Caribbean Soc; Yale Univ, Mellon Fellow 1991-2, Mphil (Hist) 1991, PhD 1993; St Catharine's Coll, Camb, Res Fellow 1992-4. Lincoln Coll, Oxford: Darby Fellow and Tutor Mod Hist from 1994. Publn: Conversations: George Lamming, essays, addresses, interviews 1956-1990 (ed), 1990; articles. m 1993 Margaret Riguad. Lincoln College, Oxford OX2 3DR, UK.
1990 CUMBERBATCH, David Ian Peter Kenneth (Commonwealth Caribbean and Templeton), b 23 Oct 1967, Port of Spain, Trinidad. Educ Trinity Coll, Maraval, Trinidad 1979-84; St. Mary's Coll, Port of Spain 1984-6; Univ Kent 1987-90, BA 1990; Templeton 1990-2, MPhil (Mgmt Studies) 1992. Proctor & Gamble, London 1992-4, San Juan, Puerto Rico from 1994. 27b Cascade Road, Cascade, Port of Spain, Trinidad, West Indies.
1990 MORRIS, Joanna Alison (Commonwealth Caribbean and Corpus Christi and Wolfson), b 10 Feb 1966, Port of Spain, Trinidad. Educ Bishop Anstey HS, Trinidad 1977-84; Dartmouth Coll 1985-9, AB 1989; Univ Pa from 1993. Department of Psychology, University of Pennsylvania, 3815 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104, USA.
1991 NOEL, Carla Maria (Commonwealth Caribbean and Templeton), b 30 Nov 1968, Port of Spain, Trinidad. Educ St. Augustine's Girls HS, Trinidad 1980-7; Univ W Indies - Trinidad 1987-90, BSc 1990; Templeton 1991-4, contd 1994-5, res for DPhil (Mgmt Studies). Procter & Gamble, San Juan, Puerto Rico 1995. Procter & Gamble, 335 Tetuan Street, Old San Juan, PO Box 363187, Puerto Rico.
1992 WILLIAMS, Maxine Patrice (Commonwealth Caribbean and St. Catherine's), b 7 Aug 1970, Port of Spain, Trinidad. Educ St. Joseph's Convent, Trinidad 1981-6; Master's Sch, NY 1986-7; Yale Univ 1987-91, BA 1991; St. Catherine's 1992-5, Jurispr 1st cl 1995. The Great House, Rock Dundo Park, St. Michael, Barbados.
1993 SWAPP, Felice Elizabeth Carinthia (Commonwealth Caribbean and Templeton), b 30 July 1970, Nassau Bahamas. Educ Antigua Girls HS 1984-6; Antigua State Coll 1986-8; MIT 1988-92, SB 1992; Templeton 1993-5, MPhil (Mgmt Studies) 1995. 3a York Castle Avenue, Kingston 6, Jamaica.
1993 THWAITES, Daniel John (Commonwealth Caribbean and Campion Hall) b. 22 September 1971, Kingston, Jamaica. Education St. Georges’ College, Ont 1987-9, Queen’s University Kingston (Ont) 1989-91, BA 1991; University of West Indies 1991-2; Campion Hall 1992-4 (Scholp 1993-4, Jurispr 2:1 CL 1994; Heythrop College, London from 1994, Reading for MA (Philos), 62 Duke Street, Kingston, Jamaica.
1994 IQBAL, Janine Fazal (Commonwealth Caribbean and Wolfson), b 21 November 1971, London, UK. Education Immaculate Conception High School, Kingston, Jamaica 1982-9; University of the West Indies 1990-3, B Sc.1993; Lucy Cavendish College, Camb 1993-4, M. Phil 1994; Wolfson 1994-5, Reading in Econ. 6 Brompton Road, Kingston, Jamaica.
1995 ARJOON, Roger W (Commonwealth Caribbean and St. John’s) M. Phil in Development Economics, MBA.
1995 LIVERPOOL, Bertha (Commonwealth Caribbean and Balliol) Education ; ; MSc. in Applied Statistics.
1996 CAPILDEO, Vahni (Commonwealth Caribbean and Christchurch) D. Phil in English Literature.
1996 SEEPERSAD, Clyde (Commonwealth Caribbean and Balliol) MBA; MSc. in Development Economics.
1997 NEWTON, Melanie Jean (Commonwealth Caribbean and St. Antony’s) b. _______ Barbados, Education Merrivale Prep, Barbados, 1978-85; St. Michael’s Barbados, 1985-90; Queen’s College, Barbados 1990-92, McGill University, Montreal, 1992-96; BA (Contemporary German Studies); University of the West Indies 1996-98; Research in Commonwealth History.
1997 WILLIAMS, Cory (Commonwealth Caribbean and Green) b. Kingston, Jamaica. Education, St. George’s College.
1998 LAMBERT, Suzanne (Commonwealth Caribbean and Exeter) BA in Jurisprudence.
1998 CARNEGIE, Helen (Commonwealth Caribbean and Merton) MSc. in Women’s Studies.
1999 HIPPOLYTE, Idara (Commonwealth Caribbean and Trinity) b 19 February 1975, Kingston, Jamaica. Education Excelsior High 1986-1990; St. Joseph Covent 1990-1991; Sir Arthur Lewis Community College 1991-1993: University of the West Indies 1995-1998, BA 1998; Trinity, M/Phil (English with Distinction) 2001. P.O. Box 1150, Castries, St. Lucia.
1999 BLOOMFIELD, Daniel (Commonwealth Caribbean and Magdalen) b 30 September 1975, Kingston, Jamaica. Education Bishop Anoty Junior School, Trinidad & Tobago, 1979-86; St. Gabriel’s Primary School, Barbados, 1986-87; Harrison College, Barbados, 1987-92; Cheltenham College, Cambridge, England, 1992-94 Clinical study in Medicine.
2000 DODMAN, David (Commonwealth Caribbean and Brasenose) Education Campion College, D. Phil in Geography and the Environment.
2000 WADE, Dr. Alisha (Commonwealth Caribbean and Trinity) b 6 September 1976, St. Michael, Barbados. Education Harrison College, Barbados, 1988-1995; University of the West Indies 1995-2000; MB BS with Honours 2000; House Officer, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Barbados 2000-2001; Trinity 2001-; President, Caribbean Society 2000-2001; Trinity College, Broad Street, Oxford, OX1 3BH, United Kingdom.
2001 ROBINSON, Dr. Monique (Commonwealth Caribbean and Green) b 1 November 1976 Bridgetown, Barbados. Education Harrison College 1988-1995; University of the West Indies 1995-2000 MB BS, Reading for D. Phil Cardiovascular Research. ADD: Green College, Oxford, OX2 6HG.
2001 HILL, Karen Mae (Commonwealth Caribbean and St. Peter’s) M. Phil in Development Studies.
2002 WILLIAMS, David T. (Commonwealth Caribbean and Mansfield) BA in Jurisprudence.
2002 CAMPBELL, Christian A. (Commonwealth Caribbean and Balliol) b. 22 June, 1978, Freeport, Bahamas, Education St. Paul’s College, Freeport 1984-5, Mary Star of the Sea School, Freeport 1985-87; Xavier’s Lower School, Nassau, 1987-1999; Queen’s College, Nassau, 1989-1995; Macalester College, Minnesota, 1995-99; Duke University, NC, 1999-2001; M. Phil in English Studies.
2003 STEWART, Darryl (Commonwealth Caribbean and Templeton) b. ________ Kingston, Jamaica, Education Wolmer’s Boys’ School; University of the West Indies, BSc. (Actuarial Science) MBA.
2003 THOMAS, Dr. Kyla (Commonwealth Caribbean and Trinity) Education University of the West Indies, MB BS; MSc. in Global Health Science.
2004 MARGUIS, Chenoa (Commonwealth Caribbean and Brasenose) Education Bryn Mawr. MSt. in English.
2004 PERSAUD, Amlata (Commonwealth Caribbean and St. Antony’s) M. Phil in Development Studies; ODI Fellowship from the British Government.
2005 GIBBS, Damany (Commonwealth Caribbean and Hertford) MSc. in Economics and Social History.
2005 SAMUEL, Javed (Commonwealth Caribbean and New)
2006 MBENQUE, Cheikh (Commonwealth Caribbean and Wolfson) MSc. in Criminology and Criminal Justice.
2007 HEADLEY, Jamila (Commonwealth Caribbean and Green) MSc. in Global Health Science Reading for D. Phil in Public Health.
2008 BROWNE, Luke (Commonwealth Caribbean and Keble) Education University of the West Indies, Read for MSc. in Applied Statistics.
2009 WESTBY, Leon (Commonwealth Caribbean and Green Templeton College) Education University of the West Indies, BSc. Geography; MSc. in Environmental Change and Management.
2010 WOOD, Kamal (Commonwealth Caribbean and
2011 FOSTER, Dr. Luke (Commonwealth Caribbean and ) Education Campion College, University of the West Indies, MB BS.
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