A Rhodes scholar-elect who wishes to read for the graduate degree of M.Phil should forward to Rhodes House with a list of College preferences, copies of at least two recent papers which the candidate has written so that the relevant faculty may assess their suitability. These papers should arrive at Rhodes House by January 1st, 2005. 2. RESEARCH & HIGHER DEGREES

    M.Litt. The M.Litt (Master of Letters) degree is awarded purely on the results of research, usually in an arts subject, embodied in the thesis written by candidates.

    M.Sc. This degree is obtained by following a course of special study in Oxford extending usually over a period of one year and passing an examination in one of the following subjects:

    Agricultural Economics
    Applied Social Sciences
    Applied Statistics
    Educational Studies
    Engineering Science (the Science and Application of Electric Plasma)

    Forestry and its Relation to Land Management
    Human Biology
    Social Research & Social Policy

    M.Phil (B.Phil. in Philosophy). This degree is granted after an examination and a thesis in one of the following subjects:

    Ancient History
    Classical Archaeology
    Eastern Christian Studies
    European History
    General and Comparative Literature, General Linguistics and Comparative Philosophy, Greek and Latin Languages and Literature, History of the British Commonwealth and Empire, History of the United States of America
    International Relations
    Latin-American Studies
    Management Studies
    Oriental Studies
    Prehistoric Archaeology
    Russian and East European Studies

    It is open to graduates of Oxford or of another University who have obtained, through the Oxford college willing to consider them, the permission of the appropriate faculty board to enter for the examination. Residence for at least six terms is required.

    2. "Honours Schools" are established in the following subjects, any one of which can be exclusively studied: Literarae Humaniores, Mathematics, Physics Chemistry, Animal Physiology, Zoology, botany, Astronomy, Biochemistry, Metallurgy Engineering Science, Engineering and Economics, Jurisprudence, Modern History, Theology, Oriental Studies, English Language and Literature, Philosophy, Politics and Economics, Modern Languages, Mathematics and Philosophy, Physics and Philosophy, Modern History and Economics, Philosophy and Theology.

    3. The above is subject to modification. Please consult the latest Graduate Studies Prospectus and Undergraduate Studies Prospectus of Oxford University. These may be obtained from the Secretary.